All you need is love

   If you told me 3 years ago when I started my business that I would be asked to photograph a funeral I probably would not have believed you. It is just not something I felt I would be strong enough for nor did I feel I had enough talent and creativity at the time to capture such a sacred day.

   However, here I am 3 years into this business and I was stopped in my tracks when Daphne messaged me and ask me to photograph the funeral of her husband. You see Daphne is a past client of mine, I photographed her and her little family a little while ago when I did her maternity session when she was pregnant with their youngest child. Her and her husband were a blast to be around. Her husband was funny and witty and Daphne well she has a heart of gold. She is so sweet and kind in every way possible. She always puts others before herself.

   When she asked me to photograph this day for her I was no longer terrified, but instead honored. Honored that she knew she could trust me to capture this day for her. My heart breaks for her family. Daphne amazes me every day with her strength and courage, and I know her husband is watching over her and their kids and constantly thinking about how proud he is of them.

   What I learned from this day was that while I knew I would cry (and I did)... knowing I was doing this for the family and that it will one day help them heal and remember their loved one brought me great comfort. I also learned that all you need is love, when you are surrounded with love you can get though anything. 

             "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." - Christopher Reeve

   Daphne you are my hero.

   Please keep this family in your thoughts as they go through this rough time.

   If anyone would like to donate to the family you can do so here. Anything helps.



   Click here to watch the video of the graveside service <3   


Click here to watch the video of the graveside service <3